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Building a desktop studio 001

Following on from Obsidian to blog publishing Here begins a massive series of posts, that will feature, photos, sounds and videos along the way, documenting my journey into building a small sound design and music studio. It is built around both my Mac and iPad, some modular hardware and software and has been a lot of fun so far. Now is the time to document what I am learning, crafting, enjoying and sharing on various platforms.

To follow the adventure, you can follow me on Mastodon, Substack (for the moment) and (soon) sign up to my new newsletter powered by Buttondown and if you want to sign up now, you can, the newsletter is setup but not integrated into this site yet. The journal I am using Obsidian to organise my thoughts and workflow, to figure out what I did last time, what I want to explore next and in future sessions. There are so many creative options I could pursue, many combinations of synths I could try out and different musical techniques to explore. Swinley Forest

I am not just learning about sound design, synths and their programming but deepening my understanding of music theory along the way. It's something that has always fascinated me deeply.

I am also going to code up some funky features for this site, such as interactive UI components for audio and photo galleries. It's going to be fun!

The nerve centre


The fledgling modular rack


The semi-modular gear


OP1 Field