Nick Lewis


April 1 2021

Emsworth Boat

At last we were able to head to our nearest stretch of coast this evening and with the fading evening light, I had just enough time to take one photo! However I was very pleased with this result. In terms of editing workflow, I took the following steps;

  • Imported the image from my Sony A7R3 straignt onto my iPad using the USB-C dongle
  • Stored straight to the Photos app and therefore iCloud
  • Using Affinity Photo for the iPad (a new piece of software for me), then imported from Photos
  • Just did some very basic edits in the RAW development module and a quick tweak in curves
  • Exported as a hires JPEG image to iCloud and then onto Cloudinary
  • Grabbed the URL to create this blog post
  • That’s that!
  • Test