The first post of 2021


I like to start something new each year and in this case the domain was registered today for the sole purpose of having a place to just write without many constraints being in place. Nice. I like this. I have chosen 11ty for the task because I wanted to move away a little bit from sweating over which framework to use. 2020 exhausted me enough and I just want to explore how 11ty can help provide a nicer development experience.

Casting front-end coding tech to one side for the moment, photography remains a strong passion of mine too. However I am shielding again at the moment as our area of the UK is under Covid Tier 4 restrictions, an evolving situation still. In fact a number of people I know have been effected by it in various ways. So to that extent I am putting more constructive photography on complete hold.

However when getting out for excercise during the day, we are choosing places that are not over populated or busy. I am finding the time to take some photos with my iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The top of a grey concrete building with a blue sky in the background

We are getting fitter because we now walk everywhere, leaving the car in the driveway for much of the time. This also leads to some great opportunities because of the fact we have slowed down.

Basingstoke Canal, Frimley Lodge Park

# Any plans for 2021?

To be honest I am keeping things close to my chest because I feel that the best plan is quite literally to survive the year. We have a long way to go before we hit a recovery phase. I do hope to mentor more and therefore a lot of the content here and elsewhere will very much take that path.

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