Naming your business

# The backstory

I have written this article to be honest to help myself out of a hole. I wish to close my current business and start all over again. To move from running a Limited Company to one that operates on a sole trader basis. So the notes I have assembled here are a bold mix of:

  • Experience
  • Research
  • Fresh ideas

I hope this article helps anyone else who may be in the same, or at least similar situation. The past year has forced many of us to pivot, to take a change in our direction

# What I offer now

# Why shut one business down to start afresh?

# What I wish to offer in the future?

# Making an income

# Web

# Social media

# Content strategy


# MOnthly strategy

# 5 year strategy

# Accountancy

# Finance

# Banking

# Business names

# Domains

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