Nick Lewis

September 28 2021

Our new MG5 EV

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Hi there I’ve not written an in-depth post for awhile and it’s time to introduce some new content here plus new topics I’ve not covered before on any blog. Recently after much research, consideration, test driving, conversation and many hours of watching the fabulous Fully Charged Show. We’ve taken the plunge and gone electric. Yes, we’ve just bought a new car and it is a full EV.


History of the MG5 model over the years Features

  • pro pilot
  • Car play
  • Acc
  • Lane assist First few days Almost free charging Exploring our nearest public charger

Electric Highway at fleet services

Our first experience of public charging didn’t go well and lesson number one is, using a charger for the first time requires a little setup, signing up and it may be dark, open and wet. Leave it till the daytime when you’ve got a bit of free time and ensure your spouse is ok To wait whilst you fumble around trying to get the sodding thing to work. On this occasion I had to concede defeat after ten minutes of faffing. My wife wasn’t overly impressed on the basis she thought I knew what I needed to do. I thought it would b le simple but it turned out to be anything but.

Ecotricity was the first public charging network here in the UK and they achieved great things by installing units in pretty much all motorway service stations before Tesla did. Now they are known as the Electric Highway and Gridserve is slowly taking over the network.

The issue I had though was with the app on my iPhone 11, it’s buggy as heck and I could not get it to work moreover the machine I was using appeared not to support contactless payment. Maybe it was an older model, it looked a bit careworn to be fair.

It’s worth installing a few apps from the comfort of home first, ensuring you’re signed up, not necessarily parting company with money, leave that until you know which networks you’ll be using often. It’s easy to waste money on subscriptions that end up not being used.

Apps apps apps

Talking of apps I’d download the Zap Map first and use it to learn where your charging spots are likely to be. Depends on if you’ve got the facility at home or not at the early stages of EV ownership.

In our area we have 2 main providers, GeniePoint and InstaVolt. The former now being one of the older systems and the latter pretty much brand new. I shall be trying them both out in the coming days but they are all in reachable public places.Two of them by a McDonald’s and the other two in a business park which in fact is very quiet at the moment, so availability is probably very good. Mind you zap map will help determine that.

Anyway I’ve installed both apps and have them set ready for use.


Contactless payments

Zap map

What you will need to buy that doesn’t come as standard

Congestion zone

Home charging

Public Charging

First successful charge was with [[BP Pulse]]