Nick Lewis

Slow Ways

January 21 2021

Slow Ways Webinar

You may have realised by now that my blog isn't just about coding and that the web is more than just Facebook or Instagram. There is a wealth of truly interesting and engaging stuff out there. We have mostly forgotten where to look.

The same can be said for our pathways and thoroughfares across the UK, so tonight I was excited to join 1000 other like-minded people for this webinar.

What follows below are a set of notes I made from today’s Slow Ways webinar on Zoom. I will add some links and notes below on how Tina and I wish to participate.

Thanks to Dan Raven-Ellison for an inspiring and very interesting presentation tonight.

The website is in a transitional state at the time of writing this post but you can visit the current version of Slow Ways UK to learn more about the project, join the newsletter etc.

Dan covered a lot of ground this evening but in my own words, the project aims to connect “settlements” across Great Britain. Slow Ways has partnered with the Ordnance Survey for it’s mapping platform which is the reason for this limitation (excludes Ireland). However once the project gets under way, that will be reviewed.

It will come as no surprise that due to Covid-19 the launch of the project to the public is being delayed in line witb the restrictions we are currently under. So for now, we shall have to hold on until better days return. The walking boots will remain under our stairs!

Road testing

  • Which paths shall we road test?
  • When will it be safe? Is there a certain time to test them out in?

Watch this space

It goes without saying that I am inspired by this project. We will certainly support it and some ideas I have will be to:

  • Promote to a local group I work with called Heart of Farnborough
  • Talk to our local Council Rushmoor Borough Council about it
  • Get the local Scout groups involved
  • Share with my friends and family
  • Will share small nuggets of information about it under my Notes Page
  • Will get involved in submitting content, photographs nd data to the site
  • Would be interesting to do surveys for the project, would fulfil my interest to do more volunteering

Notes (rough!) from the event

The following notes were made with the intention of scribbling stuff down, to think about, to fuel ideas for future content on this blog and figure out ways of getting involved with such a huge project as this. It is mighty impressive though that they’ve gone from 700 people, needed 10000 to road test the routes and not have 70000 interested people.

I will scrub up the notes below as time permits but this article was written at speed whilst I was listening to Dan deliver this very compelling concept!

  • The project was founded by Dan Raven-Ellison as a way of building a slightly different mapping system to assist people wishing to walk between settlements of any kind.
  • To find out more about the project a good place to visit is the FAQs area, which has been updated frequently from the very beginning.
  • Dan Raven-Ellison geographer
  • Started a year ago with around 700 people and a hack event to stimulate ideas
  • Had hoped to launch the project towards end of Jan, but Covid will delay this till a safer time
  • Circular walks in peoples community
  • walking familiar routes
  • or a bit further away
  • walking - love walking
  • could offer drone photos
  • 200k km of footpaths, not joined up, not well setup, not invested in
  • @danravenellison @slowwaysuk
  • NAtional trails
  • mosty go from rural place to place, often challenging for less exp walkers - tricky logistics
  • national cycle network, sustrans, maps often include roads rather than paths
  • Long distance paths - maps are confusing
  • Slow ways has been developed with the help of OS maps
  • Strava and device maps we all carry provides insights
  • Primary destinations
  • facilitate cicular walks
  • triangular segments could be joined together to make longer routes
  • verified by people to check routes set out by computer
  • As far as possible routes should