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    In my last tweet I didn’t mention my very own Revue profile which has no issues yet and no subscribers. So dear friends, please subscribe and I shall figure out how I will use it going forwards. It could be my platform for @write52


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    Interesting to see that Twitter have acquired Revue the newsletter service which I am going to give another look. Newsletters are clearly serious business! (via @revue)


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  3. I would like to thank all of the folks I have met in recent times whilst contracting, freelancing etc - here are some shoutouts @edagoodman and the whole @fhchat gang. @leapersco - Ed rang me this afternoon to congratulate me on my new job, much appreciated!

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  4. I will write more about this on my blog (see bio for link) but I have news. I am stepping away from contracting and freelancing. I accepted an offer on a new job yesterday which will be quite a journey from March onwards. Will remain in the front-end developer space with a nice splash of Drupal and Wordpress thrown in. Skills are PHP, Vue and React. Exciting times!

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  5. Have any fellow web developers here explored Github Sponsorship at all? Just curious. @github

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    Twitter appear to be working on something new. They say that ‘sometimes 280 isn’t enough’ and looks like they may be launching a vocal feature before too long - this is a big deal! (via @twitterspaces)


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    Robin Baranov on Twitter: 'I'm in the #Clubhouse! If you haven't heard, Clubhouse is a new audio only Social media that is currently by invitation only! I know @OloriSWANK is in there, if you are also then connect with me!' / Twitter

    Clubhouse is a new audio only social platform, have heard about it from two sources recently of mine. Anyone else aware of it? (via @baranovrobin)


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    Gareth L Powell on Twitter: 'Wouldn't it be great if Elon Musk got to Mars to find the British waiting...? https://t.co/tz6viq20DT' / Twitter

    Wouldn’t it be funny. Elon: ‘Oh…’ - Brits: ‘Awfully sorry old chap but we got here just before Tea, spiffing what!’ (via @garethlpowell)


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    Explore Greywell and Mapledurwell | AllTrails

    Researching some walks to take in the future. I absolutely love the area around Greywell and Odiham in Hampshire (via @alltrails)


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    Things are happening over at @NotionHQ

    I have been using Notion for quite some time now and it would be fab to use it for creating web content in some crafty way. The API would be very handy! (via @seancdavis29)


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