1. London Street

    The Man with the Tuba

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  2. One of my favourite apps this year is Obsidian. It is great for making notes and then connecting them without worrying about it. Check it out!

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  3. Are you returning to the office for work or has your employer chosen to stick with #HybridWork? Discuss!!

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  4. Starting a new list, one that gathers together some handy eleventy templates from which you can start a new website project or even take some ideas from:

    • https://github.com/google/eleventy-high-performance-blog

    Do you have any favourites you’d like to share?

    Some other useful links:

    • https://www.filamentgroup.com/lab/build-a-blog/
    • https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2021/03/eleventy-static-site-generator/
    • https://daily-dev-tips.com/
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  5. Just a little update on how things are going. Recently passed my probation with Vixio. Working on some updates for the vixio.com website. Soon shall be writing some more content for this site, mainly about CSS and maybe photography. Taking the week off next week and we are both looking forward to it MASSIVELY!

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  6. I created my Notes section to create a micro-blogging section on my site and wanted to figure out a way of adding hashtags or mentions to them. If I write this hashtag #jamstag like this, does it translate to the tweet or do I need to do it differently?

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  7. I have been running Ubuntu on my work computer for around 3 months now and I absolutely love it. I am tempted to install it on my own Mac. I love MacOS but I think I may love Ubuntu a bit more, so is it worth running a dual boot? I have 1Tb that I could divide up? Or is a VM Ubuntu worth the trouble?

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  8. JavaScript CSS

    Animating stat counters

    One of the tasks I had this week was to find a way of animating stats on the homepage of our company website. You know the kind of thing, you see them on quite a lot of sites. It is all about the big reveal, as the user reveals more of your content, animation brings colour and sparkle to your presentation. I had a little look around online and this Codepen certainly seems to do the trick for me. I will share the final results once we relaunch the website later this summer :-)


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  9. Linux Ubuntu

    Find a file by wildcard

    Let’s imagine you’ve a tonne of log files in a directory that are eating up space, you want to find those that are older than two months and then potentially delete those in order to keep just the recent ones…

    find . -mtime +60 -name "wp-load.*" where we needed to list the files starting with a certain name and that are older than 60 days, in other words we only wanted to keep the most recent log files.

    To delete these, we would need to add the -delete flag to this command. Does it work though? is a sudo necessary?

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  10. Linux Ubuntu

    File Count

    Recently I was looking for a way of counting files in a directory:

    ls -la | wc -l returns a file count and that is how we discovered there were 379k log files in the home directory today (for one of our systems)!

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