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    I'm Jhey Tompkins!

    One thing I want to do through this site of mine is showcase great developers! Check out Jhey! (via @jh3yy)


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    Michael Scharnagl on Twitter: 'Almost there to get my bookmarks from Pocket and show them on my Eleventy-based blog. It is really fun to work with @eleven_ty https://t.co/QSgdVd4m8g' / Twitter

    I would love to know how this goes (via @eleven_ty)


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    Andy Adams - @flakphoto

    I love what Andy is doing - he has created something of a meta-social network for photographers! (via @flakphoto)


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    We love boardwalks. Do you?

    Yes I certainly do love them and I will have a look to see what I have. Pretty sure I’ve some in my archives (via SlowWaysUK)


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    Saving Links to My Site With a Bookmarklet - Web Performance Consulting | TimKadlec.com

    Creating bookmarklets to save content to your site


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    Soren Solkaer - Black Sun

    The fabulous work of Søren Solkær as discovered via #photographydailypodcast #photography

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    Museum of walking

    I love the idea of a walking museum. Many of these are being run using online tools at the moment to take you on a tour of interesting places and their history (via @museumofwalking)


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    Newsletters are growing fast at the moment and I’ve dabbled with Substack, Buttondown etc. However never heard of @getsendy before (via @DailyDevTips1)


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    Webmention resources

    Whilst doing more research on webmentions to learn more, I found this great post.


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    Podcast Favourites - TFOP

    ‘…Adrian has an album called “Oddities”. It’s for images that don’t fit a category or project but that he finds compelling in some way’ (via @tfopnow)


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