Twitter appear to be working on something new. They say that ‘sometimes 280 isn’t enough’ and looks like they may be launching a vocal feature before too long - this is a big deal! (via @twitterspaces)

  1. Sally Daffarn
    I rarely listen to anything posted. I just scroll on. If I can't read words it doesn't get looked at.
  2. Sally Daffarn
    Most of my twitter viewing is done where silence is required. Also I have no with to invade others auras with noise pollution.
  3. Nick Lewis
    You know what, I agree because I often browse Twitter when my wife and I are in the lounge watching TV and chilling out. So little spurts of random sound can be annoying to both of us. However when listening to Podcasts I tend to be doing something else at the same time
  4. Sally Daffarn
    I listen to audio books when I'm in my art room but podcasts are a big no no. I've not found one single one that doesn't start with "Hi there, this week I've been..." At that point I turn it off. I don't want to know about them . I want to learn about the subject advertised.
  5. Nick Lewis
    Audiobooks are great aren’t they and I’ve been listening to some recently by @TheMontyDon @fugueur via @audibleuk - “This Other London” I’ve got in Kindle form and audiobook. Often find they are great accompaniments for long drives but not walks. I prefer just the sound of nature