Easter Sunday stroll

Today we felt like getting out and enjoying the nice weather, so started off with a stroll around Farnborough. Someone had put up some giant inflatable Easter bunnies!

Something of a documentary photo that I wanted to take for our local interest, which shows a part of the town called Kingsmead for those who don’t live here. It’s all closed right now and recently some new planters have been put in place containing an assortment of flowers looked after by a local group. The sign in the background caught my eye from a photographers point of view. Am I being watched?!

All of the photos in this set were taken with my Sony A7R3 but what I now do more often than not is import my photos into my iPad Pro using a USB dongle. I used Darkroom on my iPad to carry out the edits. I started off using one of the filters in Darkroom that emulate XPRO film, which delivers this very punchy look.

The building in the photo is Farnborough Leisure Centre, that closed for the Lockdown and recently we have learnt it won’t reopen. The local council are in the throes of planning a massive redevelopment for this part of the town. We could be without this facility for 5 years. It has caused a lot of upset amongst it’s members, which includes myself and wife Tina.

I am documenting the changes around the town, so this photo counts towards that.

I miss city bicycle photos, places like Oxford, London and wot-not. The strong contrasty light worked well here because the colour palette is very nicely simplified by it and evokes a graphical sensibility.

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