Canal hampshire

Greywell Tunnel

Last weekend I explored the “last five miles” of the Basingstoke Canal, the section on the other side of the Greywell Tunnel. My aim was to walk to the western portal of the tunnel, having visited the more well known eastern side, so many times over the years, I had never found the other.

It was a lovely walk, the verdant colours of spring making their annual debut, the banks of the canal under a blanket of wild garlic, not yet in bloom. The towpath cobbled and uneven, nature winning over the old section of the canal.

The tunnel collapsed in the 1930’s, the canal had fallen into financial problems by this point and as a result it ceased commercial use. It is now home to hundreds of rare bat species and as such, it is protected.

I took a peek through the fencing and could see into the tunnel a little bit, there a couple of small rowing boats in there that I doubt have been touched in a very long time.

I’ve fallen behind a bit on my blogging and not keeping these notes recently. I hope to play catch up in the coming days!

  1. Andrew Spiers
    What is the ground like now? Has it dried out? I still plan to explore this.
  2. Nick Lewis
    Yes it was very dry indeed but I did approach it from a different direction, I didn’t start in Greywell but from Up Nately, if that makes sense?
  3. Andrew Spiers
    Is it easier to start at that end as you are following the line of the old canal?
  4. Nick Lewis
    I think it may be, you literally follow the towpath along via three bridges, Brick Kiln, Slades Bridge and Eastrop, once past the latter, just keep going and you’ll find the portal.