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Adding Vue to your Astro based site

Learn how to add more than one framework to your Astro site as I needed to do just this recently

6 Sep, 2022 ยท 3 min read

One of the super-powers that Astro has, apart from being super fast in it's rendering, is the ability to mix front-end frameworks. Many of it's rivals, only allow the use of one framework at a time and for me that was getting a bit tough, as in my line of work, I get to work with various frameworks. I am working with Vue nowadays more than any other but Gridsome, a great project in it's own right, isn't moving forwards. Gatsby is incredible but that is tied to React.

So I was very excited when Astro came along and here we are, I've chosen it as the backbone of this website.

Lets add Vue

yarn astro add vue

Modify your astro.config.js file

import { defineConfig } from 'astro/config';

import react from '@astrojs/react';
import preact from '@astrojs/preact';
import svelte from '@astrojs/svelte';
import vue from '@astrojs/vue';
import solid from '@astrojs/solid-js';
import lit from '@astrojs/lit';
import alpine from '@astrojs/alpinejs';

export default defineConfig({
  integrations: [react(), preact(), svelte(), vue(), solid(), lit(), alpine()],

The above is an example and you'll only need to add the import directive for Vue, followed by the vue() reference in your integrations. leaving your config file as it is otherwise.

Now to test that this new integration works.

Build a Vue component

I decided to add a new component to my components folder called Test.vue, which looks like this.

  export default {
    data () {
      return {
        count: 100,
        name: 'Test',            }

    <p>We have {{count}} biscuits left</p>

Add a new page

Then I created a new page called testpage.astro, which looks like this

Next we want to add this to an existing page, such as one of my posts, which are under Post.astro

import Test from '../components/Test.vue';

<Test />

I've pushed my example up to the server, so click on this link and you'll see it. A simple example but now, I can write components for this site using Vue which is essential, as I will be writing about it a lot here and want to share some examples!

Where from here?

Well, the sky is the limit, I would like to build some components, some specifically for this site and others that you could use.

I want to add a sound component for playing audio files which will include a transport, a track position slider and some other features. That I can build using Vue and then can import it wherever it's needed in the content.

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