Projects keep us all focused as photographers but this one is as much about exploration in time, history, cultural change, archaeology, architecture and so much more. I want to explore the Churches of Great Britain, starting with those fairly close by...

Rotherwick church and village

The Church shown at the head of this article is Rotherwick, located in my lovely county of Hampshire. A dedicated article is in the pipeline with some more photos to share.

The aim of the project

To photograph and document as many of our churches as possible, starting with my own county of Hampshire, then Surrey, Dorset, Sussex, Wiltshire, Berkshire and London. A massive scope to cover. I wonder how many such locations exist in just these areas alone?

How long will it take?

No time constraints are to be set on this project because there are 16,000 churches across the UK. Can I photograph them all? I doubt it, as I don’t get to travel as much as I would like and besides what is “travel” in these strange times we are living. So it will have to be a lifelong project in any case.

setting constraints

A friend of mine has been running a similar project in his country (Malta) Muddy Boots and had set himself some constraints, one of those being to stick to external shots only. Right now this is all that I am able to achieve anyway. Covid has forced most churches to stay closed with the exception of private prayer here in England. Some churches aren’t always open to the public under normal circumstances. So for now, most of my photos will be taken from outside!