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Writing your ideas down and then sharing them publicly is a great self encouragement technique!

7 Sep, 2022 ยท 4 min read

Photo Credit: Mika Baumeister/Unsplash

This post is going to be unique, as it's an outline of some of the things I plan to write about on this Tech blog. It's a living draft, that I will tweet every time I update it, so I welcome your feedback over there on anything you'd like to know more about that fits any of the subject headings below...

The idea behind this blog is to write about anything that fascinates me, it is a bit selfish perhaps but I hope at least some of my scribblings are useful to other folks out there. It will mainly be about Tech, from Javascript subjects to modular synths, which ok is a slightly different thing but it's still programming of sorts.

I like to think of this as a process of curation, due to the fact I read a lot, learn from others, throw in my own ideas and share with you.

Jamstack to Hive (similar to EXXP)

If you haven't heard of Hive the blockchain and the blogging platform that forms a big part of it, then this is not the place to learn about it, I will find some links for you to read that do a better job at the introductions.

However I want to figure out a method that does a similar job to the product called EXXP. EXXP helps you automatically publish posts on Wordpress to Hive. So the question is, can I run a script that publishes content I've written for this JamStack site to Hive?? That way I could write in one place and a cron job takes care of the rest, that way posts like this could then earn themselves some Hive. That would be ace!

You may like to take a look at a few Hive profiles to see what it is all about, starting with my very own: Nick Lewis on PeakD, TDCTunes, Nicky Havey who incidentally uses EXXP, so all of his content is written on Wordpress and gets synced to Hive, Steevc, LivingUKTaiwan and last but not least My favourites feed which pulls in a very eclectic mix of posts.

Anyway Hive gets it's own Hive tag on this site, for a collection of articles on that very subject.

Indieweb and the Digital Garden

This site is on the Indieweb web-ring and follows many of the principles of being Indie but what does this actually mean beyond just not using Wordpress, Ghost etc for building and hosting online content?

WTF are Microformats and why the xxxxx should I care?

The lesser known HTML tags

Subscribing and subscription platforms

Monetizing vs earning

Documenting Javascript

I work with JS every day and I come across stuff I don't use often that other developers in the team do. I find myself thinking, why the heck don't I use that method? Is it because I am set in my ways and the younger crowd know more than I do? Should I be annoyed about this? Or should I just bite my tongue and learn from them?

Yes he is a stubborn piece of work at the best of times... (my wife wrote that sentence)

Exploring UI and UX

Making bleeps and blurps

I explore synthesis with a number of software products (hopefully some hardware soon too), so shall be writing more about that here, check out my music tag for this. That said, what can I achieve using Javascript and the multi-talented thing that is the web browser?


You will notice that my posts feature webmentions, maybe not on this one yet, click on the "Tweet this" blue button in the footer to share and you'll see your like appear on this page, though maybe not straight away, as I have to run a daily build to pick up new webmentions; but more on that later.

Think of Wedmentions as being a way to either comment on a piece of content, this can be via content on other websites, Twitter being a great example and supporter of this concept.

I'm working on this, so that if say, you Tweet this article, then other people comment and a conversation unfolds, we would want to render that activity on this page as if they were comments with replies, just like a thread appears on Twitter with the exception that we've re-styled that data to match the site.

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