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Nick Lewis

I’m a front-end developer based in Hampshire, UK. I also write about the web, photography, tech and other topics on my Blog and on .

  1. Brookwood Cemetery

    surrey, history

    Brookwood Cemetery is like nowhere else I've ever been. It resonates with history.

  2. Emsworth Boat

    hampshire,art photography

    Taking photos of what I found along the coast

  3. St Lawrence, Weston Patrick

    churches, hampshire

    St Lawrence Church

  4. St Mary's Church, Hartley Wespall

    churches, hampshire

    A beautiful church in the middle of Hampshire countryside

  5. All Saints, Dogmersfield

    churches, hampshire

    A gorgeous church on the Dogmersfield estate and the first I had been inside in a long time

  6. The two Maltese Fishermen

    malta, black and white, travel, street

    Photos from the archives

  7. Under a bridge somewhere

    black and white, travel, random

    Sometimes I find photos in my archives and have no idea where or why

  8. Finchampstead

    churches, hampshire, finchampstead


  9. Churches Project

    churches, hampshire

    Rotherwick Church and village, kicks off my epic project dedicated to churches

  10. Cloudinary and Lightroom

    lightroom. photography, web

    Having recently discovered a cloudinary add-on that enables you to use Lightroom filters, I had to explore further

  11. Netlify Builds - Submit Sitemap


    How to submit your sitemap to Google, Bing and Yandex when deploying a new build with Netlify

  12. Slow Ways Webinar

    maps, walking, outdoor

    The Slow Ways introduction webinar

  13. Naming your business

    freelancing, business

    If you are thinking of starting a new business, have started one or maybe already have established one some years ago. Naming your business can be hard.

  14. Photos 17-01-21

    photography, walking

    My selection of mostly iPhone photos taken this past week

  15. New Horizons

    mayflower, history, collecting

    400 years ago a ship full of Saints and Strangers set sail for the shores of America to find a new way in a new world.

  16. The first post of 2021

    iphone, photography

    I like to start something new each year...