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Obsidian to blog publishing

Connecting my brain to my blog!

I have been using Obsidian for quite some time now as a "second brain", now who was it who coined that term? I believe it was Tiago Forte

I use it as a means of capturing ideas, thoughts, to join things together, to plan and to maintain something that I call my daily notes, a near-constant stream of conhere sciousness that I use to figure out what I am doi

Talkyard looks interesting too Cloned Rach's site which runs locally for cheeky idea borrowingng now and how. I got tired of trying to blog, to complete a piece of writing and felt it much easier to share my notes instead, because my processes are always on the shift. I'll be happy to share these via Mastodon for further discourse! I'd love to know your thoughts on this and personal experiences. ^698135

Some would call it a "Digital Garden" as it's mostly about growing your ideas and hopefully not dying off!!

Using Node.js to publish

I've been contemplating ways of copying Obsidian notes across to my Astro powered website and found Rachels post - which I've adapted for my own needs, got it working! Yay!